Wedding Second Shooter

Thank You For Visiting My Second Shooter Page!

Now that you’re here, you probably want to learn a little about me. I am a professional photographer with nine years of experience. The first six years were spent shooting real estate and interiors. In 2020, I began expanding into event photography, and the natural progression for me was to move my focus toward weddings, elopements, and engagements.

I have spent the past year educating myself on wedding photography techniques and best practices. I have invested in online classes on posing, lighting/location, wedding logistics, and post-production workflow.

My Gear

Five Reasons to Hire Me as a Second Shooter

  1. I am reliable. I will be on time or early, and always prepared.
  2. I am a really good photographer, but not a know-it all. I am excited to learn, I welcome feedback, and I’m not afraid to ask questions.
  3. I know my cameras – I have built up a lot of muscle memory!
  4. If I do my job, I can free you up so that you can do your job. I am able to take direction as well as take initiative while keeping a low profile. 
  5. I strive to be thoughtful and methodical about capturing images. If I overshoot, I am making more work for you in post-production.

Samples of My Work

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