Why Use a Real Estate Photographer?

A good real estate photographer will make your listings stand out! One of the biggest mistakes that amateurs make when photographing interiors is not balancing the exposure to “bring the outside in.” I am sure you have seen countless photos of interiors (like the example below) with windows that are completely “blown out” by over exposure.  (Note: This photo has numerous other issues that I see in many listing photos, including overall uneven exposure, hardwood floor shine, and composition.)

This is an example of an improperly exposed shot:

overexposed example


Interior photography is unique because, in most cases, there are multiple sources of light of different colors and intensities. This can make obtaining images for your listings a challenge with a point and shoot camera or your cellphone. I have the necessary skills and expertise, as well as access to the most current technology resources to make your listing photos stand out and make buyers want to see more!

Check out my gallery of interiors and exteriors to see examples of quality photography.