Meet Cheryl DeCristofaro – Asheville Wedding Photographer

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Wedding Party portrait on porch of an historic wedding venue

Hi! My name is Cheryl DeCristofaro. Thank you for starting here – my first blog post! 

I have been a professional photographer in the Asheville and Hendersonville, NC area since 2014. For the first few years, I was busy building my business and kept putting my blog at the bottom of my to-do list. It wasn’t until I expanded from shooting real estate and interiors to wedding photography, events, and personal branding photography that I realized I had lots to share! I hope you find my content helpful and inspiring. I am so glad you are here!

My Photography Style

Every photographer has their branded photography style; how they pose people, the kinds of lighting they prefer (natural vs flash), and how they process their photos to achieve their “look”. My style for wedding photography is light and airy with pops of color. My photos tend to have “bokeh” – that blurry, creamy background that puts the focus on the subject and minimizes distracting backgrounds. This is a popular approach for wedding photographers.

bride and groom first look.

What Makes a Great Photographer?

There are three main skills that separate an great photographer from an average one: 

1. Technical expertise – camera settings, working with lighting and lenses, post-production (digital enhancements),

2. Creativity – Taking photos that tell the story of your wedding day, and invoke lasting memories in the years to come.

3. Client Satifaction -communication, helping people feel comfortable in front of the camera, understanding what clients want.

I bring these skills, expertise, and years of experience to every photo shoot; whether it is weddings, lifestyle, portraits, or special events. I love photography, and it shows in the quality and creativity of my work.

Let's Have a Conversation!

Groomsmen in blue

Whether you are newly engaged or planning a wedding, I am available to speak with you. My clients receive lots of communication from me to keep the timeline and schedule on track. Call, email, or text me to set up a a free 30 minute consultation. I will answer all of your questions and give you information you probably haven’t thought of!

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